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By Simon Dwyer (editor)

Artists putting lifeless canines in railway tunnels, non secular icons floated in urine, police raids on writers' houses; fast EYE displays the truth that the millenial insanity is breaking over our heads, prepared for the Reckoning...

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There follows the worst rape/assault scene I've witnessed on film, the whole schmeer ended abruptly by the implied arrest of the couple. Fingered is either the worst obscenity (outside of a snuff/paedophile come-on) committed to celluloid, or a hilarious modem day Bonnie & Clyde send-up. It can be both, depending on your state of mind at the time. Kern: "Many people think the scene where Marty sticks his finger up Lydia Lunch's asshole must have been exciting to make. " The roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd.

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