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By Zen Master Seung Sahn

This is the inimitable Zen grasp Seung Sahn up shut and personal—in decisions from the correspondence that used to be certainly one of his basic modes of educating. Seung Sahn obtained 1000s of letters monthly, each one of which he spoke back in my opinion, and a few of the easiest of that are integrated right here. His frank and humorous variety, widely used to readers of 'Dropping Ashes at the Buddha,' is obvious the following in a such a lot intimate form.

The loved Zen grasp not just solutions questions about Zen educating and perform, yet applies an enlightened method of issues of paintings, relationships, ache, and the teacher-student dating.

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A fundamental problem is that we have the expectation that there shouldn’t be any pain; and that when there is, something has gone wrong. Most of our lives we’re very good at being able to move and to adjust and to shift around, so that we don’t have to feel discomfort or pain. But when we put ourselves in a situation like a retreat, we can find ourselves a little bit stuck. We come into the shrine room and we sit, and the idea is not to move until the bell rings. So there’s the pain in the body or the heart; how can we work with that?

The continuance of the practice — in whatever 49 Freeing the Heart conditions — works to purify the heart, as we come to see more clearly, with mindfulness and acceptance, just the way things are. In practising to see clearly the nature of our experience as impermanent, unsatisfactory (or stressful), a certain amount of delusion and dukkha drops away naturally. Insight arises. Other areas come into focus where we see that more skill and effort is required to break the shackles; with wisdom we should develop means that can help us to free ourselves.

Where is our refuge? 35 Freeing the Heart Before his enlightenment, when the Buddha was still a Prince, he had everything. He had what most people in the world are running after, as they push death to the edge of their lives, as they push the knowledge of their own mortality to the farthest extreme of consciousness. He was a prince. He had a loving wife and a child. His father had tried desperately to protect him from the ills of life, providing him with all the pleasures of the senses, including a different palace for every season.

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