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By Rudolf Wachter

The inscriptions on non-Attic vases are an incredibly very important resource for wisdom of historical Greek, particularly colloquial language. Painted or incised ahead of firing, this corpus of fabric can't be held suspect as attainable later additions. Wachter presents a close catalogue of the inscriptions including an epigraphical and linguistic research and statement.

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10. 7; Dumont (1874), 8 no. , dr. 549; Klein (1887), 31, no. 2; E. Pottier in Dumont–Chaplain (1888), 287–90, with dr. (p. 290); BM Cat. A (unpublished), no. 189; Kretschmer (1894), 52, no. 2; Walters–Birch (1905), i. 300, ph. pl. 17. 6; Nicole (1916), 376, no. I. 4. 6. 2; Hoppin (1924), 17; P. N. Ure (1927), 10; Beazley (1927/8), 195; I. K. Raubitschek (1966), 155, no. ‘Gamedes’ 2, phs. pl. 44d–e. (C) Fossey (1970), with ph. ; Tomlinson– Fossey (1970), 251 no. D. vi, dr. 250 fig. 4. 20; mentioned by Kilinski II (1990), 4, nn.

538, ph. pl. 51; P. N. Ure (1946), 46, no. 3; mentioned by Jeffery, LSAG (1961), 92; I. K. , no. ‘Mnasalkes’ 2, ph. pl. 49a–c, esp. b. (C) Two letters from P. N. Ure of 11 Dec. -U. Bauer (no doubt the then owner), and, based on Ure’s first letter, a kind of expert’s opinion or short article by Bauer (1 Feb. , ph. pl. 22. 106; I. K. Raubitschek (1966), 158, no. ‘Mnasalkes’ 3, phs. pls. 48c–d, 49d; Hansen, CEG (1983), no. 445. ; Raubitschek cl. ; Raubitschek quite cl. ; Raubitschek mostly cl. Vidi 26 Nov.

Pl. 51; Payne (1931), 33 n. 2; Boardman (1965), 235; I. K. , no. ‘Gryton’ 2, ph. pl. 45c. Photographs: (A) Raubitschek quite cl. ; Raubitschek quite cl. Scene: None. Date: within a generation of 550 (Raubitschek, p. 161, referring to P. N. Ure (1946), 49); 1st h. 6th cent. (Raubitschek, p. 162). (A) qPsTO7GpOIJGwG (B) (PsToNGpoIJGSG (A) Γρυτονεποιƒεσε (B) Γρυτονεποιƒεσε (A) Γρ τ4ν πο ƒ3σε. (B) Γρ τ4ν πο ƒ 3σε. Epigraphy: (A) The sigma appears to be of the four-stroke type, but was perhaps not meant to be.

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