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To do this, Birdsall notes, it is often important to invest in research that may not have an immediate policy implication but could become the next big thing. 23 Both Birdsall and Rejeski, however, stress that organizations that want to pursue innovation have to have a high tolerance for failure. Not all attempts to see around corners will yield useful results. 24 S U S TA I N I N G LO N G - T E R M I N I T I AT I V E S Many of the most successful think tanks and think tank programs build their efforts around specific initiatives.

Although the mission and goals should help determine both what the organization does and its resource model, the inverse is often the case as well. Promoting Public Dialogue On many an evening in Los Angeles you can join a discussion among a very hip group, mostly thirty- and forty-somethings, at WHAT DO YOU DO THAT MAKES A UNIQUE CONTRIBUTION? 39 one of the city’s many interesting cultural spaces—the Getty Museum, Peterson Automotive Museum, the Arclight Hollywood, and the Skirball Cultural Center, among others—to listen to prominent thinkers tackling pressing questions, and then stick around for a glass of wine afterward.

The mission is lived rather than reviewed. At some point, as the organizations grow and evolve, each may well need to come back to its original mission statement and discuss it, but for now the mission is so well embedded within their work that no one feels a need to stop and talk about it. They plan strategically without ever doing strategic planning. What these organizations often do instead is set goals around particular projects, and they have a dense institutional inner life that allows them to constantly check in about whether specific 28 WHAT SHOULD THINK TANKS DO?

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