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By Rodrigo Branas

This publication is a realistic consultant jam-packed with real-world examples that can assist you detect the simplest practices of the AngularJS framework, protecting its most crucial recommendations reminiscent of directives, expressions, filters, and modules and guiding you thru the stairs of creating your personal internet application.

You will commence by way of studying easy methods to create reusable elements with directives, experiencing an expressive means of constructing software program. Then we'll movement directly to conceal information dealing with, and you'll tips on how to use many of the good points of the AngularJS framework to complete any problem on the topic of featuring, remodeling, and validating information on a user's interface.

After that, we are going to discover the secrets and techniques of the dependency injection mechanism to be had in AngularJS, bringing reuse and testability on your software by means of decoupling the layers. The e-book also will conceal the easiest practices of utilizing the framework and the way to automate the try out and the project's workflow.

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It means that using this property, we are able to communicate with the other directives. Some of the parameters are shown in the following table: [ 44 ] Chapter 2 Prefix (no prefix) Details ? This parameter tries to locate the controller, passing null to the controller parameter of the link function if not found. ^ This parameter locates the controller in the parent element. It throws an error if the controller is not defined within any parent element. ^ This parameter tries to locate the controller in the parent element, passing null to the controller parameter of the link function if not found.

The ngApp directive The ngApp directive is the first directive we need to understand because it defines the root of an AngularJS application. Applied to one of the elements, in general HTML or body, this directive is used to bootstrap the framework. module("parking", []); There can be only one ngApp directive in the same HTML document that will be loaded and bootstrapped by the framework automatically. However, it's possible to have others as long as you manually bootstrap them.

Every time the field is a part of the construction of an object, we must declare the object in which the property should be attached. plate inside the directive expression. However, sometimes it may so happen that there is an input field that is just used to change a flag, allowing the control of the state of a dialog or another UI component. In this case, we can use the ngModel directive without any object as long as it will not be used together with other properties or even persisted. In Chapter 5, Scope, we will go through the two-way data binding concept.

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