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The Walleye War: The Struggle for Ojibwe Spearfishing and Treaty Rights

For generations, the Ojibwe bands of northern Wisconsin have spearfished spawning walleyed pike within the springtime. The bands reserved looking, fishing, and amassing rights at the lands that might develop into the northern 3rd of Wisconsin in treaties signed with the federal executive in 1837, 1842, and 1854.

Working Women: Stories of Strife, Struggle and Survival

Operating ladies highlights the demanding situations and obstacles that girls face throughout cultures and brings a message of desire to people who proceed their fight within the silent areas at work-both inside and out their houses. The editors proportion bills of women's struggles around the globe: incapacity, divorce, abuse, kin disorder and violence, racism, and sophistication to call a number of.

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Additionally, German physical culture was a feature of this community, though as with British-invented sports and games, these practices centred round men more so than women. Kegeln, for instance, was a popular game akin to skittles, but played on an alley around one-third the width of the British game, and about twice its length. Kegeln also used nine pins, unlike the customary ten in skittles. South Australian Germans commonly played kegeln after the Sunday morning had been spent at church, with participants and spectators separated along gender lines.

64 We need to know more, however, about religious loyalties and sectarian divisions in local sporting clubs around Australia, particularly those involved in church-based or inter-school sports associations. 65 NESB White Immigrants: The Germans During the nineteenth century the Germans were the largest and most influential non-English speaking white immigrant group in the colonies. They were especially recognisable as a distinctive regional community in South Australia. By 1851 the number of German-born people in the colony was 7130, or around 11 per cent of the total population.

The only notable exception to this trend was Victorian (later Australian) Rules football. Yet we need to be wary about assuming that the birth of this game at Melbourne in 1859 was part of a concerted effort to create a unique local sporting culture. No definitive version of football existed in England at this time; so, when a group of four men (three of whom were very recently arrived immigrants with public school backgrounds) produced standard rules for a sport of football in the colonies, they had not set out to strike a blow for independence from English sporting traditions.

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