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By Olof Dahlbäck

Olof Dahlbäck's e-book breaks new flooring for the research of crime from a rationality viewpoint through featuring types and strategies that pass some distance past people with which researchers have hitherto been outfitted. The e-book examines unmarried crimes, person illegal activity, and societal crime, and it discusses completely the final choice theoretical presuppositions helpful for examining those quite a few forms of crime. An anticipated software maximization version for a unmarried discrete selection in regards to the fee of a criminal offense is the root of lots of the analyses awarded. A model of this version is built that enables interpersonal comparisons, and this easy version is used while deriving extra complicated types of crime in addition to whilst examining the opportunity of such derivations. The rigorous, strong tools advised offer enormous possibilities for bettering study and for seeing previous difficulties in a brand new light.

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I would argue that some types of approaches to research on the validity of various decision theories mentioned above must be questioned. For example, I am critical of the Marschak-Machina triangle method because it focuses on testing the validity of theories indirectly, not directly by estimating outcome utility functions and model structures (that is, the structures of the functions that describe how individuals combine outcome utility values and probabilities to form total utility values of action alternatives; for maximization of expected utility, this structure cannot be estimated, of course, since it is given).

4 Maximization of expected (riskless' utility Those who consider only the neutral risk attitude to be rational should choose the theory of maximization of expected riskless utility over the von Neumann-Morgenstern theory. However, many behavioral scientists have probably not understood the differences between these two theories because of the psychologically elusive character of the von Neumann-Morgenstern utility concept. They have, I suspect, held that this utility does not incorporate any attitude toward risk, that is, that it is riskless.

If it is used in RATIONAL DECISIONS UNDER CONDITIONS OF RISK 29 this way, outcome utility absorbs part of the nonneutral risk attitude (provided that such an attitude exists). However, this absorption may be prevented by determining riskless utility externally, that is, independent of the final analysis of choices. In the most rigorous way of doing this, utility must be assumed to have a relationship with some variable manifest property that fully describes all outcomes (as a rule, this method is used for currency).

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