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Spectroelectrochemical experiments. One type of OTE consists of a metal (gold, silver, nickel) micromesh containing small (10-30um) holes, which couples good optical transmission (over 50%) with good electrical conductivity. Such a minigrid is usually sandwiched between two microscopic slides, which form a thin-layer cell (Figure 2-10). The resulting chamber, containing the electroactive species in solution, contacts a larger container that holds the reference and auxiliary electrodes. The OTE is placed in the spectrophotometer so that the optical beam is passed directly through the transparent electrode and the solution.

04 x 10~3 M [Tc(III)(dmpe)2Br2]+. 5M TEAP = tetraethylammonium perchlorate. ) > < LU -300 -500 -700 -900 E (mV vs SCE) FIGURE 2-12 Plot ofdA/dt vs. 2 and (D) 265 mVs" 1 . ) 44 STUDY OF ELECTRODE REACTIONS Spectroelectrochemical experiments can be used to probe various adsorption/desorption processes. In particular, changes in the absorbance accruing from such processes can be probed utilizing the large ratio of surface area to solution volume of OTEs with long optical path length (29). Additional information on such processes can be obtained from the Raman Spectroelectrochemical experiments described later.

The new software also provides movie-like presentations of the corresponding continuous changes in the concentration profiles. 3 Study of Adsorption Processes Cyclic voltammetry can also be used for evaluating the interfacial behavior of electroactive compounds. Both the reactant and the product can be involved in an 2-1 37 CYCLIC VOLTAMMETRY adsorption-desorption process. Such interfacial behavior can occur in studies of numerous organic compounds, as well as of metal complexes (if the ligand is specifically adsorbed).

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