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In history nothing is created and nothing destroyed. Cataclysmic changes excepted (but not always, even then), innovation always passes through the remodelling of pre-existing structures: the material and the structures persist, albeit often in altered form, but their functions are redefined. These principles are only apparently reflected in the first theory, which considers the persistence of forms from an absolute, rather than relative, stance and interprets functions exclusively in semantic terms.

Object case, as well as the single case form of Italian and Spanish. 7 His fundamental thesis, based on reflection on Italian, was that the simplification of Latin declension had been the product of a gradual reciprocal levelling of all the cases. A valuable article by Schuchardt gives a positive analysis of D’Ovidio’s argument and all its implications, surveying each of the various positions in the ongoing debate at that time, and drawing a wide-ranging and sharply observed picture of the process by which the Latin declensional system disintegrated, and of the various stages in the development of the Romance inflectional system.

Lat. FLOR, UÉRITAS). But is this an analogical development that arose during the twelfth century and established itself in Chrestien and others, or a survivor of late Latin popular forms? The picture has been further complicated by the discussion of the problem in the context of investigating the dissolution of the two-case system. In fact the earlier phases need to be examined on their own terms. MANSION(E), UIRTUT(E), 29 Rosanna Sornicola The direction of the diachronic process doses not emerge clearly from an examination of the documentation, highly variable both geographically and textually.

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