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We demonstrate with the following list, which also shows how to use the enumerate environment. \noindent I still have to do the following things: \begin{enumerate} \item Sort out LAN accounts for people on the course \begin{itemize} \item Have new accounts created for those not already registered on the LAN \item Make sure all users have a personal directory on the data drive \item Give read and scan rights to users in the \TeX\ directories \item Add users to the appropriate LAN print queues \end{itemize} \item Have a \TeX\ batch file added to a directory that is on a public search path \item Finish typing these course notes and proof-read them \item Photocopy and bind the finished notes \end{enumerate} will give the following list 36 I still have to do the following things: 1.

A repeated line-drawing command causes a double line to be drawn. We illustrate line drawing in tables by putting some lines into our first table. We will type this example in a somewhat expanded form, trying to make it clear why the lines appear where they do. \begin{tabular}{|l|l|r|r|l|} \hline \bf Student name & \bf Number \hline F. Basset & 865432 \hline H. N. Middle & 853931 \hline \end{tabular} & \bf Test 1 & \bf Test 2 & \bf Comment\\ & 78 & 85 & Pleasing\\ & 5 & 10 & Improving\\ & 48 & 47 & Can make it\\ which will give 40 Student name F.

LATEX will also take care of whatever spacing is required to set the new logical unit off from the others, perhaps through a little extra space and using a larger font. It will also start a new page in the case that a new chapter is begun. The \part command is used for major subdivisions of substantial documents. The \paragraph and \subparagraph commands are, unfortunately confusing. They are used to section off a modest number of paragraphs of text—they don’t start new paragraphs (remember that that was done by leaving a blank line in our input file).

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