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By Arthur De Gobineau, Mark Guy Valerius Tyson

Written 1853–1855. Translated through Adrian Collins, M.A. creation via Dr. Oscar Levy, Editor of the permitted English model of Nietzsche's works. Digitized by means of the web Archive in 2011 with investment from college of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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THE INEQUALITY OF HUMAN RACES their hosts, abducting one place to reputation any the sell in for the slave-market, stealing in —from not unreasonably low that day, it is true, their but they did not prosper for that, and they hold a place in history which is fell less women another ; by all the stories of their greed and treachery. Far from admitting the superior moral character of early societies, I have no doubt that nations, as they grow older and quite unaffected draw nearer their fall, present a far more satisfactory appearance from the censor's point of view.

Inasmuch if the Rome, as they belonged to the Phoenician stock, a stock inferior in the citizen-virtues to the races that produced the soldiers of Scipio, a different issue of the Zama could not have made any change in their destiny. they had been lucky on one day, the next would have seen or they might have been merged their luck recoil on their "heads in the Italian race by victory, as they were by defeat. In any battle of If ; case the final result would have been exactly the same. destiny of civilizations is not a matter of chance ; The does not it depend on the toss of a coin.

These backward tribes, Polynesian negroes, the Samoyedes and others in the far north, and the majority of the African races, have never they been able to shake themselves free from their impotence especially the ; live side by stronger massacre the weaker, the weaker try to away The side in complete independence of each other. as possible ideas of these move as far from the stronger. This sums up the political societies, which have lived on in their without possibility of improvement, as long as embryo imperfect state, human race itself.

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