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A lot of historical past will depend on victories and defeats in conflict. study the strategies and techniques that formed the world’s most important campaigns via specific conflict maps, diagrams and poignant photos. during this re-creation, comprehend what components contributed to the results and discover how such occasions have formed the identification of societies around the globe.

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They stood still, looking down at the English army that had gathered not a mile away, studying them carefully. Every so often there would be a rousing cheer and a defiant chant. Wallace would give them sparks of energy, explain what he expected of them and get them excited. This would be their moment of glory, he told them. This was a chance to help bring Scotland back into the hands of the Scots. It was just before dawn on 11 September 1297. Despite a slight breeze and a morning chill, things were about to warm up considerably.

The great Roman leader had been slaughtered on the Senate floor by a number of assassins, including his old allies Brutus and Cassius, and his nation was plunged into a brutal and violent civil war. In this power vacuum three men came together and formed a ruling force known as the Second Triumvirate – Octavian, Caesar’s adopted son and legal heir ruled the west, Mark Antony, the beloved general ruled the east and Lepidus, a close ally of Caesar’s, oversaw North Africa. After crushing the assassins and the rumblings of those who wished a return to the ways of the old Republic, peace finally seemed to have been restored in Rome.

In farcical scenes, Wallace watched bemused as Surrey ordered the troops back over the bridge to the south of the river once more. It showed a dismissive attitude to the Scots – it meant Surrey cared little about the embarrassing, disorganised appearance this would display to the opposition. The English, his actions said, would win no matter what time he ordered his troops over. As Wallace stood on high ground, able to see everything around him, he could see the trap that the English would be walking into and knew they were overconfident.

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