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1066 and The conflict Of Hastings

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Assembled celibate, thus leaving the only available blood relative as they were, there can be no no direct heir to to Edward was the young – no doubt that England’s magnates more than 13 – Edgar Ætheling, chose Harold as king; a choice made the throne the grandson of Edmund Ironside. easier by the fact that Harold had ‘Ætheling’ is an Old English title meaning cemented an alliance with the new earls someone who is throneworthy: Edgar was a of Northumbria and Mercia, Morcar and Eadwine, suitable candidate for the throne.

Other sources, it seems the earl suffered a stroke. But there was reason for Harold to visit William: But with the father dead, his eldest surviving son, the Duke had of one of his brothers. In the crisis Harold, succeeded to the earldom of Wessex. As of 1051, Godwin had handed over his youngest the senior Godwin, Harold moved to promote son, Wulfnoth, to Edward as a hostage. Some time the interests of his brothers and, in 1055, he between then and the Godwins’ return in 1052, engineered the promotion of Tostig to the earldom Wulfnoth had been taken across the Channel to of Northumbria, while by 1057 he had installed Normandy, and left in the keeping of William.

Although it ended in defeat, the fight at Fulford bought Harold precious time, and within days he was to make the most of it. 51 Sowing the seeds Norse Army TROOPS 10,000 SHIPS 300 01 Strategic position Earls Morcar and Edwin take up positions between the River Ouse and marshy ground known as the Fordland. The distance is approximately 600 metres, and the terrain is crossed with ditches and small streams that will impede the advance of Harald and Tostig. The Northumbrians defend a front of roughly 400 metres, depending on the natural strength of the position to offset the risk that a breach in the line would be catastrophic.

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