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By Charles Spezzano

Drawing at the writings of Freud, Fairbairn, Klein, Sullivan, and Winnicott, Spezzano bargains a thorough redefinition of the analytic technique because the intersubjective elaboration and rules of impact. The plight of analytic sufferers, he holds, is imprisonment inside of crude delusion gildings of developmentally major feeling states. Analytic remedy fosters the patient's potential to maintain alive in attention, and consequently think about, those formerly warded-off affective states; it thereby offers a moment likelihood to accomplish competence in utilizing feeling states to appreciate the self inside its relational panorama.

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Nor can bis opponent's arguments be dismissed on the grounds that he has not bad the same experiences 12 CHAPTER l and made the same Observations as Hanly has, since the opponent's argument, in this case Grünbaum's, is precisely that the effects of suggestion cannot be distinguished from the effects of correct interpretation in any analysis, presumably including any analysis Grünbaum hirnself might undertake. Finally, ending a defense of psychoanalysis by asking Grünbaum tobe fair and Iet it maintain the status of being a maybe-one-day empirical science seems to fall somewhat short of a satisfying outcome for our first century of scholarly effort.

Crews clearly believed that he bad found the truth in Freud; and, when he later realized that the truth bad eluded him, he feit betrayed. Had he begun by thinking that Freud bad a language to offer, he might have been able to try out this language as a way of talking ab out Iiterature and then left it behind without the bitterness he came to feel. He went looking for dogma, found it, embraced it, and then discovered that, like the dogmas he bad satirized in bis earlier writlngs, this one too did not offer permanent objective truth.

Even the agreement of one other person, who has bcgun by disagreeing, makes a strong impression; for we know how hard it is to get two intelligent people fixed on one conclusion" (p. 182). It is at least plausible to argue that this description applies equally weil to psychoanalytic conversations-between patient and analyst as weil as between analysts. " Tbis, of course, only bappens in books wbere tbe autbor can write tbe script for his imaginary debating opponent. " Agreements, when they are reached at all, "develop very slowly, over long periods of time; tbey are always rough and incomplete" (p.

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