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By Karen Kingsbury

#1 New York Times bestselling writer Karen Kingsbury's undying choice of real tales celebrating God's presence in friendship.

during this heartwarming ebook, the magnificent strength of friendship is confirmed via striking reports within the lives of standard women and men. Karen Kingsbury has amassed jointly real-life examples of pals who're there for every different simply because they need to be, no longer simply because they must be. those uplifting tales illustrate that real friendship is made from love and laughter, compassion and knowing. And while existence sends a problem that can not be met on my own, God presents a pal while one is required such a lot.

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The reptilian brain also makes men and women different from each other. There is much more to us, of course, than that animal nature of gender instincts. Just as the reptilian brain is like a primitive software program that runs all our instincts and shows us that the minds of men and women have differences, the mammalian brain is like a somewhat more advanced program that runs our emotions. Both men and women are equally gifted at having a capacity to love, since love is scientifically just the passing of positive emotion from one person to another.

Men have a different task in connecting to the universal masculine through their friendships. We can see the reptilian instinct connecting men to their identity in the Battle of Thermopylae. It is the story of the most legendary of Spartan battles, a mere 300 warriors against a horde of 250,000 Persian invaders under the command of the god-king Xerxes. Perhaps there has never been a more harrowing, heroic example of pure masculine instinct in friendship than at Thermopylae. King Leonidas was surprised by a gargantuan army of invaders and sorely lacked any regional assistance to defend against them.

Drives, instincts that do NOT involve higher-brain decision making, including the urge to have sex and procreate, pursue beauty, higher rank, more territory, maintenance of that territory, and power. And, of course, the instinct to compete and win. dramas of humanity, and the higher brain weaves stories so individually detailed, so personally you, that it is like a little-known independent filmmaker who shows her unique, quirky, but compelling tales to small audiences, some of whom will become raving fans.

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