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By Dr. Hans Ulrich Buhl (auth.)

The distribution of capital and source of revenue in most cases and its re­ lation to wealth and financial progress specifically have attrac­ ted economists' curiosity for a very long time already. in particular the, not less than partly, conflicting nature of the 2 politi­ cal targets, particularly to acquire considerably huge fiscal development and a "just" source of revenue distribution whilst, has prompted the subject to develop into an issue of political discussions. because of those discussions, a variety of versions of staff' participation within the gains of becoming economies were built. To a minor quantity and with relatively varied luck, a few were carried out in perform. it's a ways past the scope of this paintings to stipulate some of these ways from the previous centuries and, particularly, the prior a long time. In monetary concept many authors, for example Kaldor [1955], Krelle [1968], [1983], Pasinetti [1962], Samuelson and Modigli­ ani [1966], to call yet a couple of, have analyzed the long term eco­ nomic implications of staff' saving and funding. whereas so much of this large literature is extremely fascinating, it suffers from the truth that it doesn't explicitly contemplate both employees' or capitalists' pursuits and hence neglects their affects on financial development. therefore, within the framework of a neo-classical version, those pursuits and their affects should be emphasised here.

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It then seems reasonable to assume them to choose such a sequence of average wages {wt }t=O, •• ,T-1 or total wages {Wt }t=1, •• ,T' which is best with respect to their objective. 2) Utility from Total Wages The group of workers is capable of attaching a value V to each possible sequence of total wages {Wt }t=1, •• ,T. e. 1) v Just like other utility functions, UW: lRT -> lR is assumed to be nondecreasing, continuously differentiable twice, and concave with respect to all arguments. 2) K UtF(Kt_1,Lt_1,t)+(1-mt)Kt_1 t w d = 1, •• ,T t -(ut-at)wt_1Lt_1-(ut-at)dt_1Lt_1 Ka' KT specified.

7). 8) u t t=o, . 10 Result Suppose capitalists and workers are maximizing the present values of consumable residual and wages, respectively. Let the saving and investment rates be constant in time. 4) is satisfiable i f and only i f there exist feasible capital stocks for the corresponding cooperative problem satisfying the optimality conditions and capitalists are "investing agents". Thus there exists a Nash equilibrium with capitalists investing alZ of their residual income. , they maximize the present value of total consumption.

Koopmans [1967]. RS CONTROL WAGES Average wages paid in an economy depend on and influence directly or indirectly a lot of other economic factors. These are, for instance, - the relative scarcity and education of the employees or workers, the quality, size, age, and value of the economy's capital stock, the bargaining power of the different groups in the society, - the competitiveness of the economy in international trade, - political and ethical values in the society. As mentioned in Chapter 2 already, workers do have some limited control over wages.

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