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By Akira Hirakawa

The current quantity is a translation of the 1st of Hirakawa's two-volume historical past. It
covers the interval from Sakyamuni* Buddha to Early Mahayana* prior to Nagarjuna*
and contains the sessions on which Hirakawa did so much of his personal previous study. From
1960 to 1968, he released 3 vital stories on Buddhist associations: Ritsuzo* no
kenkyu* (A learn of the Vinaya-pitaka*), Genshi Bukkyo* no kenkyu (A learn of Early
Buddhism), and Shoki Daijo* Bukkyo no kenkyu (Studies in Early Mahayana Buddhism).
These stories, all popping out of his curiosity within the vinaya, validated his mastery of
Indian Buddhist institutional heritage. This examine used to be fairly very important in his
formulation of a brand new conception of the increase of Mahayana *. by way of targeting the necessity to identify
an institutional base from which Mahayana arose, Hirakawa argued that stupa* worship
and the formula of Mahayana units of precepts supplied vital proof for the
development of Mahayana Buddhism.

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As the tim e a p p ro a c h e d for M a y a to give b irth to the fu tu re B u d d h a, she set out to retu rn to her native village o f D c v a d a h a . She gave b irth d u r in g th e jo u rn e y in a grove at L u m b im O n e o r iwo cen tu ries later, when K in g Asoka was on a pilg rim ag e o f the Sites associated with rhe B u d d h a ’s life, he Traveled to L u m b in l a n d h a d a stupa (m e m o rial m o n u m e n t) a n d a p illar erected there. A p p ro x im a te ly eight c e n tu ­ ries laieiv, the C h in e s e pilgrim H siia n -tsa n g visited the site T h e pillar w e i s discovered in 1396 a n d the inscription on ii decip h ered , identifying a sire in the m o d e rn village o f R u m m in d c i as the b irth p lace o f ihe Buddha.

T h e D h a r m a th at the B u d d h a realized th rou gh his e n lig h te n ­ m ent can b e u n d ersto o d by e x a m in in g the m ost basic elem en ts o f the Buddhist doctrines co n tain ed in th e early scriptu res. S om e m o d e rn scholars o f B u dd hism h av e em p h a siz e d in their in te r­ p retation s o f the B u d d h a 's e n lig h te n m e n t the B u d d h a ’s origins as a m e m b e r of the U a u l a m a clan o f the £ a k y a iribe. A lth o u g h the B u d d h a did com e from a p artic u la r trib e, he h a d followers from a variety of stales o f centraJ In d ia .

W h en he led Ins retin u e to R a ja g rh a , K in g S ren ik a R im bisara b ecam e a lay disciple a n d gave the B u d d h a a b a m b o o grove, w hich was used as q u a r te ts for m o n k s. Bimh isara thus b ccam c the first head o f state to protect th e older* a n d the b a m b o o grove b ecam e the base for the o r d e r ’s activities. T w o discipEcs o f [fie skeptic S a n ja y in . M a h iim a u d g a ly a y a n a an d SLiriputra, b ecam e the B u d d h a 's disciples. S a rip u tra was converted when he heard o n e o f the B u d d h a 's lirst live m o n a stic con verts, Asvajif, recite, " O f all things th at arise from cause, the T a th a g a th a has explained th eir causes a n d th e ir cessations.

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