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By Horace W. Davenport

This e-book examines the background of experimental learn in gastric secretion and digestion. the writer identifies the medical questions that experience occupied researchers and discusses the experiments that experience ended in their strategies. by way of separating points of experimental learn and tracing their evolution through the years, the ebook presents gastric physiologists and gastroenterologists with a high-quality knowing of the highbrow background in their box.

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I made the appropriate test and found that the enzyme is indeed inhibited by thiocyanate. I said that inhibition of carbonic anhydrase by ·thiocyanate can be expressed by the equation [SCN-] + [CA-active] = [CA-SCN-inactive]. ( 1-7) The mass action equation is [SCN-][CA-active] [CA-SCN-inactive] =K · (1-8) I showed that equation ( 1-8) is a correct description of inhibition by measuring the ratio ofinactive to active carbonic anhydrase at several concentrations ofthiocyanate (Fig. 1-18, left) and the relation between active and inactive concentrations of carbonic anhydrase at several total concentrations ofthe enzymein the presence of a constant concentration ofthiocyanate (Fig.

It did not attack trichloracetic acid or chloroform. 74 Hanke's second abstract reported the presence of organic chloride, by which he meant ether-extractable chlorides, in gastric and intestinal tissue. In the oxyntic mucosa the organic chlorides amounted to one-third to one-half ofthe total chlorides. When he incubated these organic chlorides, Hanke found that they were slowly hydrolyzed, with the production of acid. The lowest pH reached was 2. " 75 In fairness to Hanke, I must record that he soon discovered that his "organic chlorides" were salts and not ethers, and that he said they are not associated with acid production.

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