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By Emmanuel Todd, Youssef Courbage

We are advised that Western/Christian and Muslim/Arab civilizations are heading in the direction of inevitable clash. The demographics of the West stay gradual, whereas the inhabitants of the Muslim global explodes, widening the cultural hole and all yet making certain the outbreak of conflict. Leaving apart the media's sound and fury in this factor, measured research exhibits one other truth taking form: rapprochement among those civilizations, making the most of a common circulate with roots within the Enlightenment.

The historic and geographical sweep of this e-book discredits the proposal of a particular Islamic demography. the diversity of fertility between Muslim ladies, for instance, is as assorted as non secular habit between Muslims as a rule. even if agnostics, fundamentalist Salafis, or al-Qaeda activists, Muslims are a various workforce that end up the range and individuality of Islam. Youssef Courbage and Emmanuel Todd ponder diversified levels of literacy, patriarchy, and protecting reactions between minority Muslim populations, underscoring the unfold of huge secularization during the Arab and Muslim global.

In this regard, they argue, there's little or no to differentiate the evolution of Islam from the historical past of Christianity, specifically with Muslims now getting into an international modernity. delicate to demographic variables and their mirrored image of private and social truths, Courbage and Todd upend a perilous meme: that we are living in a fractured global with regards to challenge, suffering from an endemic of closed cultures and minds made various by means of religion.

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The rise in its educational level opens the way not only to a decline in fertility but also to general economic development. An active population that knows how to read and write is productive. Asia’s economic takeoff, a phenomenon whose magnitude has become a major element in the process of globalization, was preceded by a rise in the literacy rate. The men of the Enlightenment had anticipated only that positive sequence of events. But by the end of the nineteenth century, the movement toward modernity had begun to show its dark side.

In regions such as Andalusia or southern Italy, where religious observance collapsed, as in France, in the second half of the eighteenth century, but where the population remained largely illiterate, fertility did not decline. What the demographic history of Europe reveals is the existence of a twofold determination leading to birth control, two equally necessary conditions: the rise in educational level and the decline in religious observance, two phenomena that were obviously linked but not in a simple or instantaneous way.

This proportion is an indication of matrilocalism. 8 percent patrilocal). This situation is typical of the central Muslim zone, whether Arab, Iranian, or Pakistani. 3 percent urban matrilocalism. 3 percent urban matrilocalism. Although slight, these differences between Syria, on the one hand, and Morocco and Iran, on the other, are significant. In Morocco and Iran, the level of matrilocalism rose twice as quickly in urban areas, a sign of a less absolute solidity of the patrilocal principle. In Iran, the slightly higher national level of rural matrilocalism was significant: Some provinces bordering on the Caspian Sea reached 5 percent.

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