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Begun in 1045, the second Hagia Sophia (///. 39) was intended and so to the last it remained, its fate being so closely linked with that of the townsmen that its role was shaped by the pohtical changes which they brought about. Like Kiev's Hagia Sophia, the Cathedral of Novgorod was to serve as the Novgorodian's principal church, intended to serve both as the town's principal church and as the coronation church of its princes, and 38 {above) A marginal decoration from it was therefore provided with a sixteenth-century Gospel 49 a royal pew means of a set in the centre of the west gallery; it was reached by tower constructed at the cathedral's Kiev the gallery containing the royal staircase placed in a north-western corner.

It was in the fourteenth century that crypts made their appearance in the Novgorodian area; sometimes these were used as lower churches, often merely as storerooms. Novgorod's livelihood and prosperity largely depended on the Republic's ability to maintain a flourishing trade. The Novgorodians were so well aware of this that they devoted most of their attention within the church. adjuncts 60 46 The Church of St Theodore StrateUtes, Novgorod, 1361-62, like that of the Saviour shown on ///. 45, has the complex roofing, the of the external walls, the heightened and decorated drum, and the helm-shaped dome which of the characteristic are period and the style three-fold division to this task, disregarding national as opposed to local political issues to the extent of dissociating themselves from Tver's attempts to an insurrection against the occupying Mongols.

The work of cleaning and preserving it lasted from 1925 to 1929 to early thirteenth century. in the Spass-Preobrazhensk pictorial treasures. Among the finest is a large panel of late-twelfth- or early-thirteenth-century date bearing the Virgin Orans it (///. Yaroslavl, and comes from the Monastery of the Saviour at Tretyakov Gallery at Moscow^. The Virgin, in the arms extended ^i); now icono- shown standing with raised arms, medallion of Christ Emmanuel with His graphic definition implies, bearing on her breast a as the is in a similar is way.

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