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This ebook used to be written for somebody utilizing Linux, from new clients to specialists who are looking to discover this excellent working procedure. the ideas and tips during this ebook have been found on my own over years of expertise utilizing Linux, and studying approximately it. a few are very easy find out how to make your computing lifestyles more straightforward, others are complicated methods that may prevent days of work.I attempted to hide all distributions of Linux during this e-book. I personaly use Slackware and RedHat on laptop structures. in the event you locate any blunders within the booklet, be happy to touch me so a destiny moment variation might right them.

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Даны основы организации, идеологии и архитектуры, объединяющие различные версии UNIX. Рассматриваются: архитектура ядра (подсистемы ввода/вывода, управления памятью и процессами, а также файловая подсистема), программный интерфейс (системные вызовы и основные библиотечные функции), пользовательская среда (командный интерпретатор shell, основные команды и утилиты) и сетевая поддержка (протоколы семейства ТСР/IР, архитектура сетевой подсистемы, программные интерфейсы сокетов и TLI).

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Most of those keymaps are also available from the graphical configuration program, XF86Setup. 51 100 Linux Tips and Tricks 52 Software What this chapter covers Software is what makes the system work. Without software, a computer system would be useless. We cover important software issues here, and how small programs found on remote Web sites can solve most of your problems. 53 100 Linux Tips and Tricks Tip 1: Background image in X Window By default, the background in X Window is a grey background.

Pinerc in your local home directory. com/pop3/user=login}INBOX This will create a new collection in Pine with these folders in it, plus the mail folder on the local system. 57 100 Linux Tips and Tricks Tip 5: Running Java programs Java is an interpreted language. Usualy Java is found on the Web, in small programs called applets. But many Java applications exist. They are like applets, but require a Java Virtual Machine to run on your system. Netscape Communicator and any Java-enabled browser can run Java applets, but what if you want to run Java programs?

Now, install aps by running the SETUP script in its package. It's really easy to setup, but you do need to have the GhostScript program installed prior to installation. You are now ready to print PostScript files from, for example, Netscape or XV. 35 100 Linux Tips and Tricks Tip 4: Use Windows special keys in Linux Why are all the new keyboards sold with Win95 keys on them? How about making them do real keyboard functions while in X Window? Here is how. First you need to find out which key mapping you are using.

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